photo of JJ and Jackie Curran

At JJ Curran Crane Company, we owe everything to John J. (JJ) and Jacquelyn Curran—our founders and the proud parents of five Curran children. Their commitment to family and each other made it possible for JJ Curran to become a thriving business in metro Detroit for over 60 years.

John J. Curran: "JJ," as he was known, served in the Marine Corps during World War II, and finished his education at Michigan State College. In 1950, he started the Dearborn Excavating Company working as an earth moving contractor. Gradually cranes became his livelihood and eventually the JJ Curran Crane Company was formed in the 1960's. In his earlier years, JJ was an avid pilot, sportsman, and hunter. Eventually cars, boating and golf were his passions.

Jacquelyn Curran: “Jackie” married JJ in 1949 and raised five children and supported JJ in all his business endeavors. She was a devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and very committed to JJ Curran Crane Company. JJ and Jackie put the “family” in family business and their legacy lives on with every customer we serve at JJ Curran Crane Company.