JJ Curran Crane "Curran Events"

September, 2010
Vol. 4, Issue 5

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J.J. Curran is Hiring!

Adventures of a Bridge Demo

What's a Coker?

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J.J. Curran is Hiring!

We are currently hiring qualified Operating Engineers and Oilers for temporary work. Please visit the careers page on our website for details about this opportunity.



Marathon lift

Aug. 25th transformer lift with our 120 ton Liebherr at Marathon. See more photos here!


Welcome to the September edition of Curran Events, a bi-monthly newsletter.

Adventures of a Bridge Demo

J.J. Curran Crane is located just a few yards from the Fort Street - Pleasant Street and Norfolk & Western Railroad Viaduct, a U.S. National Register of Historic Places. In 1928 this area was a main transportation artery in Detroit and the structure was built to accommodate two paved traffic surfaces over 12 railroad tracks. The project was significant for its engineering and scale. Demolition of the viaduct began recently and we will be documenting the progress of demolition and reconstruction. Read more about the history and significance here.

Click to enlarge comic.

Fort Street - Pleasant Street and Norfolk & Western Railroad Viaduct

What's a Coker?

Seems like everyone in the Detroit area is talking about the Marathon Coker project or sometimes referred to as DHOUP.

So what is it?

DHOUP is an acronym that stands for Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project.

What does it do?

The DHOUP, will increase the refinery's processing capability, and it will include adding a new processing unit called a delayed coker. The delayed coker converts asphalt-like material into liquid petroleum fuel blend components and petroleum coke (a coal-like substance). It also will allow the refinery to thermally convert and upgrade heavy crude oil into higher quality products such as gasoline, diesel and petroleum coke.

For more information about this project visit the DHOUP website.


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