JJ Curran Crane "Curran Events"

January, 2011
Vol. 5, Issue 1

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Shamrock/Tree Swap

2010 Finishes with a Bang!

Dual Pick for MCM Rigging

Avoiding Driver Fatigue

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Shamrock/Tree Swap

Marathon lift

Every year during the holiday season JJ Curran Crane replaces our famous shamrock that resides on the top of the sign over I-75 with a Christmas tree. Visit our video gallery to watch a short video of this year's swap.



Welcome to the January edition of Curran Events, a bi-monthly newsletter.

2010 Finishes with a Bang!

As we enter into 2011, we reflect on our company’s success in these critical and challenging times. We are proud to announce the completion of the Marathon Refining Division's Detroit Fall Turnaround Project. This project certainly finished off 2010 with a bang and we would like to thank each of our employees and partners who helped complete the project that consisted of 130 men and utilized 60 cranes with no incidents or lost time accidents!
2011In 2010, JJ Curran Crane Company exceeded last year’s sales by over 50% and increased it's man hours by 186%. Even with these increases, for the second straight year, there were no lost time injuries. As always, we continued to service our equipment within budget and will continue to offer a modern, well maintained fleet.

Our success in 2010 left us in a good position and we look forward to a thriving 2011. Happy New Year and much success in 2011 to each of you from all of us at JJ Curran Crane!


Dual Pick for MCM Rigging

Curran Crane lifts digester lid

MCM Rigging recently called upon J.J. Curran Crane and McNally Nimergood to perform a dual pick at the waste water treatment facility in Flint. The job was to lift an 180,000 pound digester lid into place.

More photos >


Avoiding Driver Fatigue

Safety - "It's Not Luck, It's Know How" The holiday season is a busy time of year, friends and family gather to celebrate, and shopping and eating become priorities! This celebration and activity can sometimes interrupt our sleep schedules and it is important to be aware of driver fatigue.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver fatigue causes at least 100,000 accidents and 1,550 American deaths per year. Avoid becoming a statistic by following these tips.

Recognize the warning signs of driver fatigue: Daydreaming, Excessive yawning, Feeling impatient, Slow reactions, Heavy eyes, Stiffness

Get plenty of rest before you need to drive, including at least six to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

Stop for frequent breaks. Get out of the vehicle and move around every 2 hours or 100 miles.

Do not drive on a full stomach. Your ability to stay alert can be affected by after meal sleepiness.

Keep the interior of your car cool. Use the air-conditioning or open the windows as it will help keep you alert.

The only cure for driver fatigue is rest. If you are affected by tired driving you should avoid driving and find a place to rest.

We wish you safe travels in 2011.


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