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June, 2011
Vol. 5, Issue 3

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JJ Curran Receives Safety Awards

Big Lifts at MIS

Electrical Lift at UofM Hospital

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Welcome to the June edition of Curran Events, a bi-monthly newsletter.

J.J. Curran Receives Safety Awards

Safety - "It's Not Luck, It's Know How"J.J. Curran Crane recently won two safety awards at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association conference held in April. The first was the Crane & Rigging Zero Accident Award. This award is for a handful of SC&RA members that complete the year without a single accident.

The second award received was the Crane & Rigging Safety Award. The award is presented to companies who submit applications meeting the maximum criteria established for incident rate and workers compensation modification.

JJ Curran Crane is proud to have received these awards and will strive to continue our exceptional safety record today and into the future.

J.J. Curran Crane recently gave 5 crane operators the SC&RA's Crane Operator Safety Award. This award is presented to certified crane operators who exhibit exemplary work achievements while accumulating 10,000 consecutive man hours and recording zero accidents and incidents. The awards were given to Norm Bush, Mark DeBoard, Rick McComas, Aaron Ortiz and John Ryznar. Please help us in congratulating these exceptional crane operators.

Curran Crane receives safety award


Big Lifts at Michigan International Speedway

Crane lift at Michigan International Speedway

JJ Curran Crane Company was on site this month at the Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Brooklyn, MI working for Don Bell Signs of Port Orange, FL. The job was to install a new sign that will stand approximately 170' with a rotating top. The sign will have several LED boards placed on the base that will be seen from the entire track. MIS owns just over 1800 acres of property. The 300 and 275 ton Grove cranes were used to upright the 73,500 lbs. piece and the 300 ton set the second stand piece. Stay tuned for the second phase of this project as the head of the sign weighing 25,000 lbs. will be set as well as LED boards weighing 3,500 lbs. each.

Click here to view more photos of this lift.


Electrical Lift at the University of Michigan Hospital

JJ Curran Crane at UofM Hospital

Barton Malow Rigging and Motor City Electric recently hired Curran Crane to set several pieces of electrical equipment onto the roof of the University of Michigan Hospital.

The equipment weighed up to 4000 lbs. and was set in the penthouse/mechanical room of the hospital. J.J. Curran's 275 ton Grove crane completed the lift using a boom length of 285 feet.

We would like to thank Ann Arbor Huron High School for allowing us to park our boom dolly and cartage trailers in the school parking lot due to space limitations at the hospital.

To view more photos of this job, click here.


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