"This was my first experience working with JJ Curran and I look forward to working with them again. The office staff was friendly, caring and helpful and the operators were also friendly, helpful and most of all, skilled professionals. The cranes used were the 500t, 300t and all in good working condition. We had over 60 lifts with individual pieces weighing from 2,300 lbs to 18,000 lbs and not one incident occurred. We lifted approximately 200 smaller pieces of equipment and ductwork with the boom trucks and that was done without any incidents. Thanks for everything."

– Chris Gravelle, Job Superintendent, Ventcon Inc.

"Thanks for the good work, Brad and John did for us at Monroe Hosp. Everything went very smooth and quick with no problems."

– Art, Monte Cristante, Monte Costella Co.

". . .your guys did an outstanding job lifting our buildings at Old Redford. They were safe, smooth, patient and you could tell they were experienced. Thanks for sending us such a great team."

– Greg Nystrom, Innovative Modular Solutions

". . . it is nice knowing we deal with a company like JJ Curran that can think out of the box and look at all aspects of a job before saying '[no we] can’t do it.' "

– Marc Nader, Operations Manager, Michigan Mechanical Services

"When we call in JJ Curran and trust their set-up, project go so smoothly that our customers think we are the wizards! My most memorable teamwork was when we were hoisting very large, internally illuminated sign cabinets up and over a 14 floor high building in Detroit -- a blind lift for the crane operator -- and everything went perfectly according to plan.

On-Time, On-Budget, and great people to work with. I cannot ask for more than that!"

– Patrick Clark, Fairmont Sign Company