"Fantastic service! I commend and thank Eric and his on-site service crews for consistent, on-time safe and courteous service. Although we requested numerous time and site changes to our multi-crane 8 day order, Eric assisted American Warehousing with our unique project with a positive attitude and willingness to help me satisfy my customer.

Each of the service crews were consistent, safe and knowledgeable.

Exceeded my expectations!"

– Don Treanor, American Warehousing

". . . rest in peace if you are worried about the upcoming lift at your facilities. I too had big worries about a 28.5 MVA transformer that needed to be placed over existing bus work that was critical for the Electrical system of our city. This lift was done (with) perfection that was amazing. The gentlemen that worked the lift had every concern that i would have as if it were their own. I can only say thank you for the quality work and pro-active aproach you take on every job."

– Jerry Kupser, Superintendent of T&D, Wyandotte Electrical Department

"Ever since Bob Dewyer has joined your company I've been using your services in the metro Detroit area.  As usual, you folks have come thru for us.  It's nice to have a supplier that can help you spec a unit, deliver the service, and do a quality job.  Once I contract you, I don't have to concern myself with that aspect of the job again.  It's all about your equipment, personnel, and especially Bob Dewyer.  You can count on my continued use of your equipment and most importantly, personnel. Thanks for your support.

– Ron Davis, Royal Arc

"Thank you for your excellent service and response. We will be using your service in the future."

– Tom Laurell, T-N-T Tree Service

"This company is wonderful! I would like to say 'Thank you' to Eric and Bob for putting up with my persistent nature, and I would like to say a very special 'Thank you' to all the guys that showed up in the pouring rain to help me help make someone's life just a little bit easier in these very hard times. I will figure out a way to pay you back, before or after your good Karma pays for itself."

– Molly, Social Worker